A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Heal Royale is an "anti-battle royale" with the objective do die first. You must stay in the damage circle to lose health, while trying to heal the opponents, avoiding their victory.

The game runs on LAN, which means it needs for all players to be connected to the same network. It's designed for 4 players to play at once, but can be extended for more at own risk.

To start the game, you can chose to host or login to a existing session. Use the IP to be able to connect to a game. After all players joined, the host must press "Ready".

You control your character with the joystick, or "wasd" keys (or keyboard keys) and shoot with the shoot button or spacebar. Pickup "Gun" crates to take up to 4 different weapons.

Game made during "SEMCOMP 21 GAME JAM",  which theme was "Today nobody dies" and for the Ludum Dare 42, which theme was "Running out of space". You can find the Ludum Dare submission at https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/42/heal-royale .

São Carlos, São Paulo, Brasil.


Gustavo Sasaki Runcaglia, Vitor Santana Cordeiro, João Pedro Almeida Santos Secundino, Julia Carolina Frare Peixoto, Lui Franco Rocha, Arthur Rosa de Souza, Enrico Montanha Mandelli, Willian Gonzaga Leodegario

Source code:

You can find the source code at https://github.com/Artars/HeayaleHeale.


Heal Royale_Android.apk 29 MB
Heal Royale_Linux.zip 35 MB
Heal Royale_Windows.zip 20 MB

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